2003 Oct 15

Updated, 2003 Oct 20

O'Brien at Bodens BK: Match Reports Translated!

After 29 matches Bodens BK is in 9th place out of 16 teams with a 10-8-11 record. Bodens have 1 match left, ending their season on Oct 25. Leighton O'Brien has 6 goals, 9 assists, 6 yellows, and no reds in 22 matches. Here are some excerpts from match reports, translated from the Swedish using those automatic web-based translators we love so much.

2003 May 11
IFK Norrköping 2-0 Bodens BK
Idrottsparken, Norrköping

1-0 (37) Dawid Banaczek (Antti Sumiala)
2-0 (81) Niclas Fredriksson (Antti Sumiala)

In the aggregate looking do Bodens a good game. There the second half is clearly better than the first. Leighton O'Brien did an almighty good first game there the marks that he able treat an American football. He will catch on fund for Bodens leavings of season.

The find very ball in Leighton O'Brien and he will become almighty important for ourselves in the future, commented "Brolla" on the American's debut.

2003 May 14
Bodens BK 1-1 BK Häcken
Björknäsvallen, Boden

0-1 (61) Ivica Skiljo
1-1 (63) Destin Makumbu (Per Johansson)

BBK continued to steam at and the council addition immateriality troop Leighton O'Brien, assent time after time to he come be a store permanent. He warfare many quick free kicks as with player where close to make goal in. Action off stew was Success Brännström as shoot imperfect vision outside immateriality resort 13th attention.

In front of meal two small council changeful adolescence a corner as Leighton O'Brien warfare internal immateriality penalty area and after a certain uproar state goal so can centrebacker Intend Makumbu arms internal sign permanent 1-1.

Centrality Canonicals was good as left back and Leighton O'Briens and Success Brännströms first half ought mention.

2003 May 18
Bodens BK 3-1 BK Forward
Björknäsvallen, Boden

0-1 (11) Ola Lundgren
1-1 (20) Victor Brännström
2-1 (57) Patrik Släryd (Leighton O'Brien)
3-1 (94) Destin Makumbu

Men similarity intellect whole persevering at 1-1. After 56 small time changeful BBK a free kick as Leighton O'Brien warfare internal maxim penalty area and Veteran Släryds notch sail over Örebrolagets goalguarder and internal permanent 2-1.

2003 May 25
Falkenbergs FF 0-2 Bodens BK
Vinåvallen, Vinberg

0-1 (41) Luchi Gonzalez (Leighton O'Brien)
0-2 (85) Luchi Gonzalez

He chose that eulogise Luchi Gonzalez and Leighton O'Brien today and is not impossible that these tin be one really reed couple with a lot of mutual understanding in the green-white sweater.

2003 Jun 1
Bodens BK 1-3 Assyriska FF
Björknäsvallen, Boden

0-1 (33) Tomas Andersson (Dennis Östlundh)
1-1 (49) Per Johansson (Leighton O'Brien)
1-2 (81) Christos Christoforidis (Dennis Östlundh)
1-3 (92) Michael Borgqvist (Ivan Isakovic)

Victor Brännström was getting a poll dangerous BBK- situation in the first half when he so near be able beaten in Leighton O'Briens contribution in the 21th minute.

At home team was getting themselves a big dressing-down in half-hour and arrived opening out as one wholly new law behind pause. Direct in beginning prelude of second half was getting Luchi Gonzalez a giant chance, but nothing meal that gangway. Somewhat meal stayed the nots either minute later when Luchi Gonzalez contribution attained Leighton O'Brien as tried hits on volley, but was missing instead bowl wholly.

Meal stayed the yet still a minute later behind that midfielder Pers "stool" Johansson nodded in Leighton O'Briens perfect contribution behind Erland Hellström in away goal.

2003 Jun 15
Åtvidabergs FF 3-1 Bodens BK<br> Kopparvallen, Åtvidaberg

1-0 (23) Fredrik Nilsson
1-1 (49) Mats Halonen (Leighton O'Brien)
2-1 (71) Fredrik Nilsson (Andreas Thomsson)
3-1 (74) Mattias Sandh (Daniel Johansson)

The second half managed barely start entrance BBK give a receipt in the 49th minute behind a good down and out corner of Leighton O'Brien as Tablespoons Halo nods into meal. BBK continued behind goal sits positive game and the feel heal terms as that layer is the somewhat stout defiance that is somewhat equally brass game.

Four minutes later in the 74th minute am determinating matches when Leighton O'Brien only am becoming was warning follow of that Åtvidaberg succeed make 3-1 on a return when BBK nots bliss weed away bowl. Defense was acting altogether for awkward wide goal.

Leighton O'Briens warnings in that game imply that he is in seclusion next game. Cautions was resulting in that he stayed benefit and that Peter Sedunov was getting take position as central centrefielder paternal preparation before matches on Wednesday anti Gefle.

2003 Jul 6
Bodens BK 3-2 IF Sylvia
Björknäsvallen, Boden

1-0 (9) Peter Sedunov (David Roberts)
1-1 (12) Chay Hews (Pelle Andersson)
1-2 (48) Marcus Hansson (Fredrik Åström)
2-2 (70) Per Johansson (Leighton O'Brien)
3-2 (89) Luchi Gonzalez (Robert Lundgren)

After that goal is that all green-white for heal hose. Patriot Släryd, Luchi Gonzalez, Leighton O'Brien is only any of they as had chance that seat there bowl, but was disapproving to a beginning.

10 minutes later arrived yet so at last 2-2 goal sedan the become grand uproar before Sylvia goal wide a corner from Leighton O'Brien. Last on bowl before the meal was BBK-midfielder Pers "stool" Johansson.

Leighton O'Brien each the performer in BBK as each most shotwilling today, alas was he also the as was missing most shot and one of these arrived in the 79th minute when he feigned wall with a team companion and venture direct on meal but bowl was going out.

2003 Jul 20
Bodens BK 1-1 Kalmar FF
Björknäsvallen, Boden

1-0 (44) David Roberts (Luchi Gonzalez)
1-1 (62) Daniel Mobaeck (Jon Björklund)

Hot each really one suitable text for Leighton O'Briens preamble of matches. Already behind two minutes test he Kalmars goalguarder Petter Wastå at a heavily shot as Wastå govern to corner.

Any minutes later was getting BBK another corner as Leighton O'Brien defeated herself. Bowl screw in ribs and off meal, exceedingly close one lead goal there.

2003 Jul 23
Gammelstads IF 1-6 Bodens BK
Gammelstads IP, Gammelstad

0-1 (39) Destin Makumbu (Leighton O'Brien)
0-2 (43) Mattias Winroth (Pär Eriksson)
0-3 (55) Victor Brännström (Leighton O'Brien)
0-4 (66) Pär Eriksson (Robert Lundgren)
0-5 (69) Mattias Winroth (Luchi Gonzalez)
1-5 (76) Patrik Johansson
1-6 (82) Victor Brännström

BBK should yet succeed crack nonentity entrance halftime break. In the 39th minute nods Destin Makumbu tidy in 0-1 on a free kick from Leighton O'Brien.

In half-hour did Gammelstad two byte, a booty husband goalguard but nots alike the helped. The second half reached nots become more than 10 minutes stale entrance 0-3 arrived. Leighton O'Brien defeated a prompt free kick as Victor Brännström plainly be able cure behind built-in Johan Luthström in Gammelstads meal.

2003 Jul 29
Bodens BK 2-4 Aston Villa
Björknäsvallen, Boden

1-0 (41) Mats Halonen (Leighton O'Brien)
2-0 (55) Leighton O'Brien (penalty)
2-1 (59) Olof Mellberg (Steve Staunton)
2-2 (66) Darius Vassell (Olof Mellberg)
2-3 (72) Självmål
2-4 (85) Peter Crouch (Peter Whittingam)

Not expect Resort start some few goal chance state slovenliness of half, men travel that so was that BBK as whole unjust touch line with 1-0 immateriality Resort. 41st attention sedan Mats Light notch internal a corner from Leighton O'Brien. A constant as stood himself half out.

A sameness small council warfare a recorder substitute, Anton Eriksson, a long pass as quick Crossing Winroth run at and ended up in immateriality. Not expect Resort penalty area. Surely there change from action to rest he at one unfair way off centreback Alpay and definite space Keijo Hyvärinen point at the penalty point. Leighton O'Brien stepped up and warfare how safe as gladly internal 2-0, his first goal immateriality BBK-sweater ever!

2003 Aug 13
Bodens BK 0-0 Gefle IF
Björknäsvallen, Boden


In the 59th minute defeated an extraordinarily pale Leighton O'Brien a free kick as via Robert Karlssons pan land with Victor Brännström as was getting one giant that impart at home team cord, but what happens? Yes, Gefle goalguarder Dull Hugosson do maybe sits provisions salvation to corner. On the successor corner had Destin Makumbu an opportunity also, but nots either then would themselves for BBK.

2003 Aug 24
Bodens BK 5-0 IFK Norrköping (additional match report)
Björknäsvallen, Bodens

1-0 (21) Robert Karlsson (Robert Lundgren)
2-0 (46) Leighton O'Brien (penalty)
3-0 (55) Robert Lundgren (Leighton O'Brien)
4-0 (57) Leighton O'Brien
5-0 (75) Robert Lundgren (Pär Eriksson)

Behind 46 minutes is Victor Brännström en route out from Norrköpings penalty area with bowl, but fair then am overthrowing Kieback Victor Brännström and judge Lars Bush judge a penalty kick to BBK. Heal bank am holding breath when Leighton O´Brien stride underline and am laying bowl to adjust. Cues am arriving from judge. Leighton am grabbing fount and am not loosening superb cannon. Up ate upper cross am going bowl. The rattle ruse when bowl am meeting net stitch behind Pekings goalguarder. Audience triumph and half is ends.

Behind 55 minutes defeated Leighton O'Brien one fine day cross ball to Robert Lundgren as bosom anti meal, Norrköpings goalguarder save but admitted return and Lundgren defeated herself in return to 3-0.

Minute afterwards is Robert Lundgren tramway through, but drastic over soon out penalty area of centreback Patriot Kieback as was getting a free position deportation for the prank. The successor free kick taken Leighton O'Brien hand if and defeated a wondrous free kick in further cross, wholly acceptable for Lindberg in away goal and 4-0 each one fact.

2003 Sep 7
Bodens BK 1-2 Trelleborgs FF (additional match report)
Björknäsvallen, Boden

1-0 (20) Leighton O'Brien (penalty)
1-1 (28) Kristian Haynes
1-2 (67) Eric Fischbein

Meal should yet become in the 20th minute, this sedan Tablespoons Wejsfelt pull down Robert Karlsson in penalty area and Leighton O'Brien certainly goats BBK cord with 1-0 on the successor penalty. Underline stride Leighton O´Brien and am laying bowl to adjust. When judge am blowing so am beating he bowl downwards the upper post to. Goalguarder in TFF am casting themselves ate the hold good but bowl nip in wonder. 1-0 to BBK. One wholly fairness sequel so far.

The offensive betting did not go really home, but close that give a receipt each Leighton O'Brien as bosom one heavily shot as yet Peace Persian again be able hold.

Bodens shine first halves of matches. Second double was going to Trelleborg. If BBK had had cord with 3-1 behind first halves so had the nots wherein unfair. Yet so is that all only 1-1 and the reached nots anti Trelleborg. Leighton O´Brien and Dave Robert feigned at times almighty good American football. So they sheep plus in border. Yet bark husband know that BBK did a good game and bark product proud over first halves.

2003 Sep 10
Luleå SK 3-2 Bodens BK (after lengthening)
ÅkeWallen, Luleå

0-1 (13) Patrik Släryd
0-2 (33) Patrik Släryd
1-2 (57) Robert Karlsson
2-2 (90) Robert Karlsson
3-2 (112) Robert Karlsson

In the 13th minute sheep BBK free kick. Leighton O'Brien am laying up bowl, free kick am becoming barren but bowl appearing on right margin to Patriot Scandinavian as am laying one ruse contribution as Patriot Släryd able send into LSKs goal cage.

2003 Sep 21
IF Sylvia 4-3 Bodens BK
Idrottsparken, Norrköping

1-0 (6) Fredrik Åström (Kristoffer Dyverfeldt)
1-1 (31) Leighton O'Brien (penalty)
2-1 (36) Marcus Hansson (Chay Hews)
3-1 (62) Lars Åkerberg (Chay Hews)
4-1 (65) Mattias Flodström (Fredrik Åström)
4-2 (77) Thomas Taavo
4-3 (90) Leighton O'Brien (Robert Stoltz)

Behind a pocket was awaking BBK to and level out game somewhat. 1-1 did not arrive wholly undeserved on a certainly down and out penalty of Leighton O'Brien behind that a Sylvia player taken bowl with happens.

BBK created one majorities dangerous entrance another corner from Robert Proud was resulting in meal in the 90th minute. That tread find the Leighton O'Briens pan as nods in bowl wide next post.

Behind 4-3 goal was getting BBK two oriole situation that give a receipt behind another good down and out corner of Robert Proud. Only is that all Leighton O'Brien as bosom one good shot as goalguarder reflex save there. Return was going direct out to a wholly freestanding Destin Makumbu as from five metre way fraught for king and native country but unfortunately each view nots right stay. Shot was going a good scrap over ribs from one situation as should had result in one meal.

2003 Oct 12
Bodens BK 1-1 Åtvidabergs FF
Björknäsvallen, Boden

0-1 (21) Peter Edenholm (Mattias Sandh)
1-1 (36) Patrik Släryd (Leighton O'Brien)

Goal arrived instead in the 36th minute. Sedan BBK gotten a corner as defeated of Leighton O'Brien and there center tank Patriot Släryd nods bowl in the further corner behind Henrik Gustavsson in Åtvidabergs meal.

2003 Oct 19
Bodens BK 1-0 Falkenberg
Björknäsvallen, Boden

1-0 (55) Leighton O'Brien (Victor Brännström)

Third gangway favour then? Yes, stayed the least said in the 55th minute when Victor Brännström ran themselves loose on left margin and feigned slanting backwards to Leighton O'Brien as was getting open street underline to Falkenbergs meal and boom in 1-0 to BBK.