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Sounders Pledge of Support for New Stadium

The Seattle Sounders announce their full support of Paul Allen and Football Northwest's effort to bring a new football/soccer stadium to Seattle. The Sounders, two-time defending champions of soccer's A-League, see the stadium effort as a way of furthering professional soccer in the Pacific Northwest.

With over 110,000 registered youth soccer players in Washington State (fifth largest and first per capita in the United States) and with the largest, and arguably the best adult soccer programs in the country, Seattle deserves the opportunity to see professional soccer played on natural grass, in a quality stadium designed with soccer in mind. This new stadium would allow the Sounders and Football Northwest to put professional soccer in Seattle on a par with that of the highest level of professional soccer throughout the world.

A facility of the type proposed by Football Northwest would also allow the Sounders to consistently bring world-class competition to the fans of the Northwest through the presentation of men's and women's U.S. National, international and World Cup qualifying soccer matches.

Finally, this new facility would allow Seattle the opportunity of attracting a Major League Soccer franchise. The Sounders, who this year announced an extensive player and marketing association with MLS, are in ongoing discussions with various partners regarding locating an MLS franchise in Seattle. The biggest factor keeping this from becoming reality is the lack of a world-class, natural-grass facility suitable for soccer at the highest level. The new stadium would eliminate this concern.

The Seattle Sounders therefore encourage soccer fans of the State of Washington to support the stadium effort now underway by Paul Allen and Football Northwest. We ask that fans show support by contacting their legislative leaders and by voting for the new stadium.

Scott Oki, Chairman of the Board, Seattle Sounders

Neil Farnsworth, CEO, Seattle Sounders

Tor Taylor, President, Seattle Sounders

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