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1996 Player Match Statistics

Name P 4/27 5/11 5/17 5/25 5/31 6/07 6/14 6/22 6/29 7/14 7/17 7/20 7/30 8/14 8/17 8/24
Chance Fry F 9
Joey Leonetti F 10
Niall Thompson F 21                
Jason Dunn MF 14
Jason Farrell MF 13
Sidney Zanin MF 17    
John Cowmey MF 16
Nate Daligcon MF 8
Tom Bialek MF 15
Dick McCormick MF 5
David Hoggan MF 26                          
Neil Megson D 4
Wade Webber D 2
Doug Morrill D 3
Billy Crook D 6
Bernie James D 7
Justin Stoddard D 11
James Dunn D 19
Marcus Hahnemann GK 18
Tom Dutra GK 1


 Started        Came in       Injured List     Red Carded
 On the bench   Came out      Scored           Yellow Carded
The table above charts each players' stats throughout the season. Use the legend below the table to translate the meaning of each icon. The headers on the top righthand side of the table indicate the match date and link directly to the match report. Several games are missing because we couldn't put our hands on any stats. If you have stats for any of the missing games, drop us a line. BTW, this format was rightously pilfered from the Íslenski Boltinn (Iceland) site. Thanks guys!

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